Plastic Jar Filling and Sealing

    Cup Forming, Filling and Sealing

SLH Sealing system

Table-Top lab sealer

RO-A5 Sealing system

RO-A6 Sealing system

RO-A7 HSS Filling and closing

FP Filling and closing
The SLH can accommodate containers from 6.3cm to over 12.7cm and up to 25.4cm in height.
Seals containers up to 38,1cm in diameter at up to 15 per minute.
Seals containers from 6,35cm to over 12,7cm in diameter and up to 20,32cm in height at a rate of up to 45 containers per minute.
Seals containers up to 7,62cm in diameter at up to 120 containers per minute
Fills and seals container sizes from 125ml to 2,400ml at up to 90 per minute.
The FP system fills and seals containers sizes from 5,08cm to over 12,7cm in diameter at up to 280 cups per hour.