Quadro's Vacuum conveying systems - QuadroVac

The QUADRO VAC™ vacuum conveyor is the ideal alternative to manual conveying methods. Constructed of high quality stainless steel, the simple and sanitary design is ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The QUADRO VAC™ may be custom engineered for your application.

Sanitary Pneumatic Conveying System :

Stainless steel construction
  • easy to clean - modular unit dismantles quickly

    Operator friendly
  • easy setup and operation

    Rugged mechanism
  • maximum reliability with minimum maintenance

    Simple, adjustable "air logic controls"
  • non electrical, spark free
  • Auto-cycle, self cleaning filter
  • Light weight material "pickup" wand
  • Low noise vacuum pumps
  • FDA compliant materials
  • Can easily be adapted to our Comil or Ytron product line

    Principle of Operation :

    Fill Cycle
  • the dump gate closes
  • the vacuum activates
  • and the product is conveyed into the receiver

    Dump Cycle
  • the vacuum breaks
  • the dump gate opens
  • product is discharged
  • the filter is cleaned