GUK's Leaflet Folder FA21/4-2K Cartonac

For mounting on board binding machines, packaging lines and cartoning machines.

Thousands of systems successfully in use

The leaflets are separated from below a stack magazine, withdrawn and folded.

On systems with permanently installed suction nozzles, problems may occur if the paper stack is curved slightly. The outer corners are not caught and this results in infeed malfunctions. In order to counteract these problems, we have developed a feeder with moveable suction nozzles. The drawn-in drums which move the leaflet into the folding mechanism are also moveable.

With the attachment of a second station another 2 or 4 pocket folding device can be used and is synchronously powered by a toothed belt.

Technical Features :
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Low noise drive by toothed belts
  • Leaflets are taken from the bottom
  • Adjustable suction nozzles
  • Incorporated solenoid valve
  • 4 folding pockets, 3 deflectors
  • Station II with 2 or 4 folding pockets attached to Station I and synchronous powered

      FA 21/4-4K CARTONAC FA 35/4-4K CARTONAC
    Plain format : max. 21 x 32 cm
    min. 14.8 x 12 cm
    max. 35 x 32 cm
    min. 14.8 x 10 cm
    Smallest fold : 15 mm  
    Output: up to 200/min
    Drive : by chain or toothed belt, 1:1 from the cartoning machine - also available with own drive -
    Space requirement: : 21 x 30 cm

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