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Quadro Comil - Lab Model




The MP-Micro is a tabletop fluid bed. Typical batch cap. 50-20g, depending of bulk density
The Strea-1 is a tabletop fluid bed with a working volume of 200ml-2l.
The MP-1 is the ultimate Fluid bed processor for R&D. With small and standard product containers it yields from min batch weight of 0,1kg to max batch weight of 5,0kg.
The GP-1 is a mobile Single-Pot Processor and the best choice for first stage development and for process optimisation. Capacity 0,5 to 2,5kg depending on bowl size.
The Ultima 25 is a Single-Pot Processor - the optimal choice for process development and for production of clinical samples. Useful capacity 7 to 17litres (4 to 9kg).
The Comil Lab units are designed for bench-top applications. Capacities and particle size distribution are scalable to larger production units providing research and development labs an excellent way of developing formulations. Two models are available with capacities ranging from batch sizes of a few grams to many kilos.
The very cost effective MF-30 is a fully manual capsule filler ideal for the company starting up.