Manual and semi-automatic machinery for labs and small production facilities
  Processing and packaging lines for ampoules, vials, syringes, dental cartridges and bottles
  Italian Vertical Cartoners, Horizontal Cartoners, Closing Machines and Case Packers
  Blisterpacker for large articles
  Industrial milling and granulation systems ( wet and dry) and roll compaction
  Form, fill and seal machines for: sachet, stickpack, doypack and pouches
  Tube fillers, bottle and jar filling lines
  Screen printing machines for: glass and plastic containers, CD's and labels
  Vision inspection systems for blisters, printing on blisters, cartons and labels. Bar codes and pinhole detection.
  Tablet presses for the total speed range (R&D through to high speed production); punches and dies; replacement parts; and die table segments from USA. Robust quality at affordable prices.
  Canadian Manufacturers of Tablet Coaters (even continuous) from lab scale through to high volume and Fluid Bed Driers and Processor Systems.
  Belgian Blister Packers covering from single dose through to high end productions volumes and highly flexible regarding foils and blister formats.
  Comil sizing and milling machines for food and pharmaceuticals, Fine grinding machines
  Machines for packing tablets into rigid tubes
  Cleanroom equipment and construction of Isolators for the pharmaceutical industry.
  Testing systems for the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, packaging and automotive industries.